About Us

We are outdoors people who love to travel, camp and hike in parts of the country where there aren’t always camp grounds with power.

Over the years we have had to leave some of our favorite camp sites so we could charge our camper batteries before they went dead (even though we have a 15 watt solar panel).  We started looking into small wind turbines that could replace some of the energy we were using each night.

The bottom line is that after a year of  tinkering and testing we have developed two different mounting systems that easily attach to any 1" diameter ladder, top railing or sailboat stern rail affording the wind generators a stable platform to operate.

We have tested these mounts in all kinds of weather and have had no failures and no problems.  These RV mounting platforms allow the Windwalker 250 watt  turbine to operate in CLEAR AIR above the camper/trailer/motorhome you install it on.

You should think of this system as a trickle charger that will work 24 hours a day provided there is some light wind, and will help replenish your batterey power.

If you love camping ... here’s more power to you!