Frequently Asked Questions about Windwalker Wind Generators

What is new about the 250HD?
The newly redesigned Windwalker 250HD has been built with total ruggedness in mind.  The new motor housing has walls that are 9mm thick and are literally unbreakable.  We guarantee the frame, blades, tail fin, and housing for 3 years.  We have also redesigned the tail fin boom so that it can be taken apart for easy storage.  Click to see photo.

How does the Windwalker connect to the battery?
The generator motor is pre-wired with a 2-way molded connector (quick disconnect). You can simply hardwire the ends to your battery.  Red to positive.  Black to ground.  The in-line connector allows you to quickly separate the generator from the battery when taking it off the mast for storage.

Can my battery get overcharged?
No.  Voltage does not overcharge.  Too many amps coming in for too long will overcharge a battery.  This is simply not possible with a micro turbine such as the Windwalker 250.   Think of the Windwalker generator as a “trickle charger” for your battery or battery bank.

How long does it take to assemble the Windwalker?
The Windwalker 250 HDcomes with a tail fin and 8 blades that need to be bolted onto the hub. This takes about 20 minutes and uses a 7/16" wrench.

Why isn’t a mast included in the kit?
To save you excessive shipping costs.  The mast is a standard Schedule 40 1” inside diameter galvanized steel threaded pipe that can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store for about $15. Suggested lengths are 30” and 36”.  The mast may be spray-painted according to personal aesthetics. Threaded pipe is necessary only for the mounting plate, but it works for the ladder bracket, as well, and is readily available.

How long does it take to install the Ladder Brackets?
The two female clamps on the ladder have to be measured and squared vertically.  Time required is about 30 minutes using a 9/16” wrench which is necessary because the flanged, nylon-insert locking nuts cannot be turned by hand.

How high above the ground will the wind turbine be?
True height above ground will be determined by your rig plus the mast height.
Average height using the ladder brackets with 36” mast is 14 feet.

What are the overall dimensions of the assembled wind generator?
Windwalker 250 is approximately 24” long x 24“ wide (diameter of blades).

What if I want to check the generator’s output?
First disconnect any load (such as the battery).  Then connect the +/- probes of a digital multimeter set to DC voltage directly to the output wires of the turbine.  While it is spinning, you will get an accurate voltage reading.

When is a battery considered full?
When not being charged or used, a 12V battery is fully charged at about 12.6 to 12.7 volts.

Is the Windwalker 250 HD water resistant?
Yes, the housing is weather resistant but not totally waterproof. To make waterproof simply apply a silicon bead around the motor protrusion.

Can I paint the turbine components to match my rig?
Of course. It is a kit after all. Feel free to paint the hub, frame etc. to your liking.