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New Mexico
Windwalker seems to keep up with the system I have which requires a lot of demand.  I have a 2000 watt inverter with 410 watts of solar and four 6V batteries.
I also changed the mounting system on the rear ladder. I used a 6' piece of conduit and added another mount so I don't have to climb the ladder to mount system.   Between the Windwalker and our Solar Oven we sure get a lot of people interested in the idea at all the campgrounds.
I'd say this was a great purchase.  
Happy Camping! ...  V Martinez, NM

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Went out to Bartlett Lake (here in AZ) and used the generator for the first time. If that thing holds together, it's going to be a great piece of equipment. It was very effective, charging both the dual deep-charge batteries and my boat trolling motor battery. I am very pleased with your product and would recommend it to anyone.
                                                  B Allyn, AZ