The WINDWALKER HD Wind Generator


Generate free power from the wind no matter where your travels take you.
The Windwalker 250 HD will keep your batteries charged when off the grid.
Can be mounted on most types of RV, trailer, camper, sailboat, or tiny house.

You choose which mounting system you prefer:
     1) Horizontal Mounting Plate which attaches to 1" diameter ROOF RAILING or
     2) Vertical Brackets which attach to your 1.5" diameter FAT LADDER stile.
     3) Vertical Brackets which attach to your 1" diameter LADDER stile.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy PVC blades and ABS tailfin
  • Aluminum boom and downtube - now welded inside motor housing
  • Steel hub & machined metal arbor
  • Initial assembly of generator requires only a wrench
  • Mounting system attaches in minutes - No holes to drill
  • Quick set-up for camping - Quick dismount for travel
  • Easy to stow