LADDER BRACKET for Vertical Mounting of Wind Generator

If you don’t have roof railings or prefer to use your ladder as a mounting base,
the quick-mount/dismount Ladder Brackets are the perfect solution for you.

The system consists of 4 clamps – 2 male and 2 female – that once attached allow for the quickest set-up and take down of either of the wind generators.

Both of the female clamps (receivers) are bolted around one side of your ladder stile. (We prefer the inside stile only because it’s easier to reach from the back door of the camper.)

You determine the vertical spacing according to how far apart your ladder steps are (anywhere from 8 to 12 inches). 

Then attach the male clamps onto the mast so that they match up to the female clamps.

The Ladder Bracket system requires a 36” mast in order to clear the curved top of the ladder as well as the roof.

All necessary hardware is provided including bushings to insure a snug fit around the 1" diameter ladder stile or new 1.5" Fat Ladder stiles.

mouse over image to see Ladder Bracket being used
Wind generator Ladder Bracket
Preview Ladder Bracket Installation Guide HERE