WINDWALKER 250 HD Wind Generator

Depending upon what kind of load you connect to (higher loads require more wind to begin turning), this wind generator will start turning in as little as 8 mph winds.

The Windwalker 250HD wind generator comes 95% assembled and includes the motor assembly, welded tail fin and boom, hub, blades, and all necessary hardware.
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  • The micro-turbine housing is made on CNC machines utilizing modern polymers for a
    weatherproof and lightweight assembly.
  • Polymer color may be white or black - no preference.
  • The hub is 1/8" steel.
  • The arbor is machined aluminum.
  • The down tube (the part that slips into top of mast),  is 7/8" diam. steel tubing.
  • The tail boom and down tube are welded together for maximum overall strength.
  • The tail fin which keeps it pointed into the wind is made of sturdy ABS white plastic.
  • 8 blades milled from PVC plastic are bolted to the hub with a 7/16” wrench and takes about 20 minutes
  • A blocking diode is pre-installed so as not to discharge your battery when the wind isn't turning the turbine.

Connecting the turbine couldn't be easier.  Connect the positive and negative wires from the turbine to the positive and negative terminals of your battery.  The turbine motor comes pre-wired with a 2-way molded connector (quick-disconnect) which will extend from the bottom of your mast.  You simply add enough 14 gauge wire to the pigtail side of the quick-disconnect to route to your battery.

The Windwalker 250 watt wind turbine is an 8-blade generator and is designed for medium wind areas up to 30 mph.

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Windwalker 250 wind generator and Mounting Plate
Windwalker 250 wind generator and Ladder Bracket
with Mounting Plate with Ladder Bracket
Windwalker 250